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Should You Choose White Gold or Platinum For Your Engagement Ring?
July 19th, 2017

When a customer begins looking at engagement rings, the question often presents itself… White gold or platinum? Although both are wonderful options, they are different. To help make your choice a little easier, allow us to share with you a few important differences between the two.

First is the color of the two metals. Platinum is naturally white while pure gold is closer to the color of yellow gold. To make gold white, it must be blended with other metals to form an alloy and then rhodium-plated to create that “bright white” color. Over time, the rhodium plating can experience wear and begin to show the yellow color of the gold underneath. If this occurs, you can re-plate the ring in rhodium to restore that “bright white” color.

Another difference between the two metals is price. Although gold and platinum are similar in price per gram, platinum is a denser metal and you will need more platinum to make a ring, causing a platinum ring to be higher in price than a similar gold one.

Thirdly, the scratch resistance of gold and platinum is different. Gold will scratch more easily, while platinum tends to move like a liquid. When platinum is “scratched”, the material spreads from one location to another allowing platinum to better retain its appearance. When gold is scratched, the material is lifted away causing scratches to be slightly more noticeable. The strength of platinum and gold is different as well. Gold wears away more easily and platinum tends to “stick to itself”. Gold is also more brittle and platinum is more pliable. A common question in the jewelry industry asks which metal is best for keeping diamonds securely in their prongs. Some believe that gold better for holding diamonds, while others believe that platinum is best for keeping stones from popping out from a ring.

Overall, our recommendation is to choose a platinum ring if your budget allows, but both platinum and white gold are fantastic options for an engagement ring or wedding band. Both gold and platinum rings require some upkeep every so often, but our in-house jewelers are on call for any of your engagement ring or wedding band needs. Our staff believes buying an engagement ring should be an enjoyable and memorable experience and we will do our best to ensure that. Happy shopping!

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