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TAG Heuer is a great sports watch company. Their watches are constructed for the active person who lives life passionately. Please visit our Red Bank store to browse our extensive TAG Heuer collection.

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We welcome you to our stores to view this gorgeous and extensive collection first-hand. To get information or purchase items from this category, please contact us.


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Why should an Official Authorized Professional Sports Dealership designation be important to you?

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By purchasing from an Authorized Professional Sports Retailer or Official Professional Sports Retailer like Leonardo Jewelers, you, the customer, can rest assured of the authenticity of the Professional Sports watch purchased. You can have peace of mind knowing that all parts, materials, and documentation for the item are authentic Professional Sports. As such, if there are any problems, not only can you have us help you address your problem, but you will also have the complete warranty backing from Professional Sports as well. Bracelets, dials, movements, are all authentic when purchased in an authorized network of retailers like Leonardo Jewelers. Also, you are assured that the item purchased is not a refurbished pre-owned product when purchasing from an official/authorized retailer like Leonardo Jewelers.

In the case where warranty repairs are needed, you can be assured that the item will be repaired with authentic Professional Sports parts, and done in the way that Professional Sports specifies. Also, the manufacturer's warranty is covered world-wide, so if you move to another location, there is still international backing. If purchased outside the authorized retailer network, you are not likely to have a manufacturer's warranty.

Rest assured when purchasing through Leonardo Jewelers your Professional Sports watch is: Official or authorized dealers like Leonardo Jewelers offer customers peace of mind.

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