Watch Repair

Did you know that Leonardo Jewelers is considered one of North America's leading watch retailers? Our state-of-the-art watch service and repair center - designed with the assistance of one of the leading watch companies in the world - is one of the best in the country. Many of the watch companies we represent consider our watch service center to be an outstanding example of design and functionality. We are an authorized service center of many leading watch brands we carry.

Watch brands that we can service in-house or send to vendor
Breitling  ·   Ulysse Nardin  ·   TAG Heuer  ·   Omega  ·   Tissot  
Baume & Mercier  ·   Philip Stein  ·    Jaeger-LeCoultre  ·   IWC
Shinola  ·   David Yurman  ·  All Brands We Sell 

If you don't see your particular watch listed here, please contact us to assist you with your watch service or repair needs.

Roelx Authorized Repair New Jersey
Our Watchmaker: Neil Wohl

Neil Wohl is an outstanding watchmaker. His peers in New Jersey recognize his leading position in the trade. This can be noted by the fact that for the past eight years he served as President for the Watchmaker's Association of New Jersey.

For sixteen years, Neil has pursued his passion: fixing timepieces. He also has a keen interest in vintage watches, and has amassed a large inventory of difficult-to-find older parts. When he comes across older watches for which he doesn't have replacement parts, he has an established network of colleagues from which to find them. Neil is also able to repair not only your typical automatic or battery watch, but also certain watch complications as well.

Neil also is authorized to repair many of the top Swiss brands of watches we carry. Due to his skills, our service center is an authorized Cartier repair center, an authorized Breitling repair center, and an authorized SWATCH group repair center, to mention a few. In addition to these brands, he is also authorized to repair the world's leading watch brand that we carry.

He received his watchmaking certification in 1996 from the Bulova School of Watchmaking in New York City. He continues to receive ongoing continued education in the field. Since 2004, Neil has been Leonardo Jewelers' official watchmaker.

If you need someone to take care of your valued timepiece, Leonardo Jeweler's watch service center is ready to assist. And these repairs occur right at our Red Bank location.

Types of Services Offered

Leonardo Jeweler's offers complete watch repair services at its Monmouth County location. This includes:

  • Watch overhauls
  • Watch cleanings
  • Regulating watch timekeeping
  • Bracelet problems
  • Watch refinishing
  • Watch battery replacements
  • Water resistance testing
  • Watch crystal replacement
  • Watch crown replacement
  • Other minor watch repairs

Please contact us to assist you with your watch service or repair needs.

Why do watches with mechanical and automatic movements require periodic maintenance?

In a mechanical watch, gears and moving parts work in seamless harmony to provide exceptional timekeeping. In this world of solid-state technology, it is easy to forget that these mechanical timepieces achieve this through brilliant design and a phenomenal attention to detail. They have moving parts and these parts require lubrication. Over time, the lubrication dries out, and this is the primary reason why one needs periodic maintenance. The periodic maintenance is typically referred to as an “overhaul” or a “complete service.” This involves taking the movement apart and cleaning off the old oil residue from each and every moving part. Once completely cleaned, the movement is reassembled and re-oiled. It then gets recalibrated for proper timekeeping. The exterior of the watch is not forgotten either. It is micro-polished so that the watch looks like new. Most companies recommend that this be done every five to seven years.

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